Scientific & Botanical Data Organisation

Ubase — the Ultimate Data Support System

Experimental database system building on the Entity-Relationship model. Allows arbitrary structuring of your data without resorting to a tabular format.

  • Complete binary-relational support with concrete and abstract relations
  • GUI interface
  • Fully documented with extensive help

Download a free demo version for Microsoft Windows (600 KB)
Download documentation only (450 KB)

Available Fungal Data Bases

for Macintosh (Filemaker)

  • Macrofungi Basic Data
    Over 7000 species with synonyms and literature references
    Download sample file for common Amanitas, Boletes and Russulaceæ (150 KB)
    reference database (400 KB)
  • Svenska namn och data f�r vanliga svampar med format f�r etiketter (t ex utst�llning). Ladda ned exempelfil f�r vanliga flugsvampar, soppar, kremlor, riskor (30 KB)
  • Templates for registration of collections and photos
  • Cortinarius Worldwide Basic Data
    Over 2000 species with synonyms and literature references